Monday, March 5, 2012

Info about PTC - sites

PTC - sites (Paid To Click) are one of the models of internet advertising. They are also the most common way to earn money online, even without investing a single cent to them.

So how do I earn from these sites?

PTC - sites pay you for watching advertiments on their site. Normal amount they pay is a fracture of a cent (0.01 - 0.001$). These advertiments are available to click once a day and will be reseted next day so you can click them again. You can also earn from these sites by refering other people to join, this way you will earn money from them when they are watching advertiments.

Example: You are earning 0.04$ / day from your own clicks. This contains 4 different advertivements and 2min of your time.

Your referral also clicks the 4 advertiments and earn also 0.04$ / day, but you also gain profit from the referral clicks which is half amount of his own clicks (0.005$ click and makes total of 0.02$ from 4 advertiments).

This way your earnings will be 0.04$ + 0.02$ = 0.06$ / day for 2min job. Still pretty low amount of money eh? So let's say you have 100 referrals so you will earn 0.04$ + 0.02$ x 100 = 2.04$ / day for 2min job. You are starting to get the picture?

Here is a link to motivate you. This person is well known in PTC - world due the reason he is earning 2500$ / month pure profit from site called Neobux.


Well that's some easy money... How can these sites afford to throw money away like that?

Good question. These sites earn from advertisers who pay the site for placing their ads on the PTC - site. Every member can also advertise their own pages, so therefore every new member is a potential customer. So it's a win - win situation. The site generates more money from ad revenues than it loses for paying to someone to watch them. Simple. It wouldn't be good bisnes if it would generate losses, right?

How I will get the money to my bank account?

Most of these sites pay via Paypal. You have to make Paypal account so you can get your money out of the sites. After the money is on your Paypal account it's safe. You can transfer it from there easily to your normal bank account.

Got it, so which sites should I join? I heard most of the PTC - sites are scam sites...

True most of the sites are scam sites, due the reason it's so easy to make this kind of site and gaining a little profit of it. This is also the reason that most people tell you that this bisnes is a totally scam, that's not the truth. 

Here is the list for trusted PTC - sites, these are also the ones I personally use:


Here is link to my blog post which explains all basic information about these sites


(This list will be constantly updated!)

These sites have been online for years and they are still paying. Also these sites haven't had any major problems and they are constantly evolving for making new possible ways for its members to gain money. 

Check my Neobux strategy for successful earning from this site!


Happy earnings!

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