Monday, March 5, 2012

Neobux strategy

This strategy works and makes you profit. Remember that you can always speed up the progress of this guide when investing money on Neobux, but this isn't necessary.

Step 1

Click ads everyday until you reach 1.8$ on your account.

Note: The 1.8$ is needed so you can recycle your referrals and also so you can extend them for 90d after month has passed.

Note: Always clicks the Adprizes aswell due the reason they can boost up your daily income by large ammount and helps you to reach the 1.8$ goal which is needed for Step 1 to be completed.

Step 2

Rent your first 3 referrals. Now you have to click ads every day or you won't gain money from your referrals! The referrals are rented for 30d when you first bought them.

Note: You need to have 1.4 average on your referrals when they are rented for 30d

Note: If the referral is inactive for 4 - 5 days, recycle it with neopoints mainly or with cash. This applies to whole strategy: Recycle the referral if it is inactive for 4 - 5 days!

Step 3 

After 30d you will extend your 3 referrals for 90d to get 18% discount. Continue clicking.

Note: You need to have 1.1 average on your referrals when they are rented  for 90d!

Step 4

Again when you have reached the 1.8$, which aren't needed to extend your current referrals you buy 3 more referrals making the total of your referral count: 6.

Step 5 

After 30d extend your new referrals also for 90d.

Continue the steps 3 - 5 as long as you have 250 referrals!

Step 6 

Save money from now on and try to extend all your current referrals for 240d to get 30% discount.

Note: You need to have 1.0 average on your referrals when they are rented for 90d!

Step 7

After you have extended all your referrals for 240d you try to buy the last remaining 50 referrals you can get as standart member.

Note: 300 is maximum amount of rented referrals standart member can have.

Step 8

When you have got all the 300 referrals and all of them extended for 240d, you will keep saving money for golden membership (90$).

Congratulations! You are golden now! This guide ends here. You have now basic knowledge of how to succes in Neobux and will know how to move on towards the ultimate membership!

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